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Small Business Security Initiative: Bodega Pilot Program

The Small Business Security Initiative was started to help small owners keep themselves, their employees, and their customers safe. 

The first round of this program will prioritize bodega owners, but we hope to expand it across New York soon! If you own a different type of small business, please feel free to let us know your needs and we will reach out when more funds become available. 

While all small business owners are welcome to apply, bodega owners whose establishments meet the following conditions will be prioritized:

  1. Located in the South Bronx, Washington Heights, or Harlem 

  2. Have 7 or fewer employees

  3. Have been in business for at least one year

Application Form

For questions or more information please call 718-292-2901.

Bodega Security Needs

Thank you for submitting your application to the Small Business Security Initiative!

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