A Community Activist Fighting for The Bronx

Amanda Septimo shows what happens when we invest in our youth, and she wants to ensure every Bronx resident has the same opportunities. Amanda has been a South Bronx community activist and public servant her entire life. As a teenager, she joined the Point Community Development Corporation’s teen activist program, A.C.T.I.O.N., where she learned the power of community activism. Since those early years, Amanda has played an integral role in preventing a jail from being built in Oak Point, extending six bus service to more Bronx residents, and providing local youth a floating pool in Baretto Park. 


After receiving a full-tuition scholarship to Vanderbilt University and doing community based work with the Legal Aid Society and Metro Public Defenders of Nashville, Amanda returned to the South Bronx and dedicated herself to work that would improve the lives of people living in the South Bronx. 

As the District Director of Congressman Serrano’s office, Amanda watched as policies failed her community, day in and day out. Today, she continues to help her neighbors access social services and navigate the complexities of healthcare and housing. Witnessing her neighbors struggle to receive basic government benefits has driven home for Amanda that our current representation is absent from the community. And absent leadership is destructive leadership. When our elected representatives don’t advocate for us, we lose millions of dollars for public housing and our schools, and our community suffers.


Amanda Septimo is running for New York State Assembly because she’s a proven advocate who actually lives in the South Bronx, not Albany. Amanda takes the neglect of this community personally, and her first order of business will be fighting to make sure her district finally gets its fair share of funding and services from the state. 

We all deserve representation that stands up for the needs of our community. Amanda Septimo is fighting to make sure The Bronx finally has the representation it deserves.